Tony Blair: Anyone of Me (Gareth Gates Song Parody)

PR rating going down, down

Backward voters treat me like a fool

But I’m the greatest in my glorious nation

Smearing me just ain’t cool

I pretty much destroyed the Taliban

Even if we lost a man… or two!

It could have happened to

Any leader, any leader on your TV screen

Anyone can be misinformed

Anyone can be deceived by false intelligence

The odd orphanage ceiling may somehow break

Because I made an honest mistake

A deeply honest mistake!

Anyone, I don’t care who

Say you will forgive

Even I am not infallible… much!

I don’t know why you won’t believe me

Silly old Labour dossier wasn’t fake

It just kind of gave me my biggest break

Yet even so I suppose I made an honest mistake

An achingly honest mistake!

My reign was quite exciting

A touch erratic, who’d dare to disagree?

But I was always the sensible leader

Because I sent my troops away from home

Some say the situation got a little out of hand

But at least I comprehensively destroyed the Taliban…!

An honest mistake

My critics lives, um, reputations mean nothing to me

(Nothing to me)

Every word I’ve ever said is true

Don’t want be ridiculed by you


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