The Who Parody: “Die Together With the Band”

When you hear the Russian comin’
And our media war drums drummin’
Won’t you join together with The Man!

It’s an ideological erection
No more treasonous peace deflections
Oh won’t you join together with The Man!

Do you really think I care
How many bombs we’re droppin’ there
Won’t you join together with The Man

Whether it’s the Taliban
Or our favorite funded Syrian rebel band
Come on and bomb ‘em, together with The Man

Everybody join together
Won’t you die together
Come on and join together, serve The Man!

We all need to join together
Fill them coffins up with leather
Won’t you come and join together, with The Man!

You can be white or black or gay
We’re all equal, so we say
Oh won’t you join together with The Man!

Well I guess you don’t know where you’re going
But our captive villages are glowing
Oh won’t you join together with the Man

It’s your country, it’s not me
That is singing this decree
Oh won’t you come together with the band

This here’s the biggest band you’ll find
Let’s build a graveyard deep and wide
Come on and die together with the band!

You’re all free to gush your blood
We’ll take the loot, you kiss the mud
Now let’s all jooooiiiiiiin together with The Man!

No endorsement expressed or implied from the Greatest Band on Earth!
(Nor the Washington Mafia either…)


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