Be Seen, to Succeed! SEO & Boosting Your Brand

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an important thing for bloggers, journalists, poets, freelancers, wordsmiths of all stripes.
It is not just for “techies.”
By understanding how to enhance your presence on search engines in a legitimate way, and to avoid boosting yourself in illegitimate ways (which does tend to cost you in the long run), you can improve your platform and branding.
But that’s not all. Cultivating your SEO skills can hopefully improve your income too according to Australia; at least indirectly! Because if you have a Patreon account, or any books to sell (for example), then it makes sense to have more people viewing your work. For that, you need to rank fairly decently on search engines; even if, admittedly, there are other important considerations. (Have you considered making an advertising strategy?)
There is lots of information out there about SEO; although presumably, not all of it is equally reliable and well-grounded in evidence. Also, big companies like Google and Facebook do change their ways of doing things, from time to time.
Make sure you do your research!


This was originally published on IT Emperor, on Medium; but this is being phased out! The IT Emperor articles are being ported to Glossy News.

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