The End of IT Emperor, and a Turbo-Boost for Glossy News

Thanks for reading some of the recent social media and IT articles we’ve posted recently.Some of you will be aware that the Medium journal “IT Emperor” (why haven’t you joined Medium yet?), which is edited by One Tongue Johnny, is being phased out; and almost all the content is being placed on Glossy News, under OTJ’s user profile.

So far, 11-13 December has seen four articles:

Tagging strategies on Medium.

The problem of fake Twitter followers.

People who follow you, while simultaneously blocking you.

How to work with multiple Twitter accounts: important pitfalls for serious Twitterati!

That was a joke. None of you are ‘Twitterati.’ I’m assuming we are all friends here; and we are all pretty serious people!

Not too serious though…


Thanks for your interest so far. Do remember to share this link, and to like our page. 

Over the next two days (14-15 December), we have no fewer than eight IT articles; plus a satirical poem!

After that, IT and social media articles are likely to be less regular than they have been the past few days; but you will definitely see some more from time to time; so, aside from all our funny satire, that’s yet another reason to like us on Facebook!

Thank you all so, so much.

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