The Baby Dictionary .com Shows What Kids Really Say

Satire is a notable medium, and it’s thus called because it’s neither rare nor well done, and well, we see a lot of new entries into the game each week, but few so clever as They do things a bit different than us, and a bit subtler at that, and they serve the genre well.

We rarely promote other sites, and do so even less frequently when it’s one that technically competes with us more or less directly, but this site is a lot of fun. It’s like I Can Has Cheezburger meets The Onion, though involvement and adoption thus far hasn’t yet kicked off completely.

The site has barely launched, but it already has hundreds of terms and definitions, best I can tell, and it invites outside users to add their own contributions as well.

You can use the site to find fun and funny definitions of words that kids say and think, or use it as a way to publish your own ideas as to what kids think about.

Check them out online at, but be sure to come back here afterwords, because we’re just that good, and though they’re good too, they’re different from what we are.


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