Tareq Salahi Crashes Ex-Wife, Michaele’s Wedding

For those of you who haven’t heard, Michaele Salahi, one-half of the duo who crashed a White House state dinner in 2009, left her boring, yet thrill-seeking husband, Tareq, and ran off with Journey guitarist, Neal Schon.

The wedding occurred last week at Enchanted Valley Barn Wedding Venue in the Smoky Mountains, and, for those wishing they were bold enough to crash it were, instead, invited to pay a hefty sum to watch the whole thing on pay-per-view.

Dave Schwinkdinkler, a biker and avid Journey fan, decided that although he totally hates Michaele Salahi, he would pay for the wedding just to watch the parts where Neal Schon speaks.

“Then outta nowhere comes this dude man, in a tuxedo. He’s like in every scene of the wedding. It was bizarre,” said Schwinkdinkler.

Schwinkdinkler was referring to Tareq Salahi, ex-husband of Michaele Salahi. Evidently, Tareq ignored a restraining order Michaele had filed just days before the wedding ordering Tareq to stay at least 1000 yards clear of any wedding venue, including the rehearsal dinner which took place at a swanky San Francisco restaurant.

Dressed in the same tuxedo he wore back in 2009 when he and then wife, Michaele weaseled their way into a White House state dinner, Tareq pretended he was one of the wait staff, and you can actually see in the film footage the jilted lover sticking his finger in the finger sandwiches which were then served to Michaele.

“It was classic, man,” said Schwinkdinkler.

“I wish I had the balls to do that when my old lady left me for the guy who ran the laundromat down the street.”

Author: P. Beckert

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