Who Wore It Best? Apocalypse Edition

MINNEAPOLIS-With the world as we know it coming to a close, it is no surprise that the public eye is turning toward celebrities, scrutinizing their every move amid all of the chaos.

Of course, just like poor people, celebrities are preparing for doomsday in a variety of different ways. For instance, Kristin Stewart has been practicing smiling in the mirror in hopes of gaining more friends while Honey Boo Boo and family recently bought out the company Hostess in an effort to ward off future starvation and see what diabetes feels like.

However, there has been one concern that has remained constant in the minds of the Hollywood elite, yes, their outfit.

Most celebrities that have spoken to the media in recent weeks have made it clear that they believe it is very important to make a fashion statement ESPECIALLY on days where human existence could be annihilated. On a special edition of 60 minutes Kanye West defended this viewpoint by saying something extremely controversial before singing songs off of his album 808’s & Heartbreak which led to him immediately being escorted off the set.

Another famous Icon, Justin Bieber, has lost hours of sleep deciding the perfect outfit for the apocalypse and while he has not figured out the exact details we were told that he did indeed hint at the possibility of having a “very expensive” Gap Kids gift card in his possession.

Let’s take a look at what other A-list celebrities are planning on wearing in their final hours:

Jake Gyllenhaal (Pictured above) is best known for being gay in Brokeback Mountain and for inventing the search engine Ask Jeeves. Here you can notice that with the world soon to be engulfed in flames he really just doesn’t want anyone coming up to him asking for autographs or making small talk with him and so he decided to throw on some cargo shorts. A perfect way to say, “Fuck you” to the end of the world and all humankind.

It wouldn’t be Who Wore It Best? Apocalypse Edition without mentioning the only living celebrity who was actually born and raised by the Mayans themselves, Mick Jagger. Reporters confirmed that this rock legend is planning to sport the classic “Skin and Bones” line by Calvin Klein. It is also worth mentioning that Mick is up for two awards for his new documentary The Walking Dead In Real Life

So whether you are keeping it classy or finally pulling that awful sweater out of your closet that your grandma gave you for your birthday, just remember that the end of the world is in no way an excuse to look ugly and celebrities will be the first to tell you that. See you in Hell.

Photo Credit:
Jake Gyllenhaal-popsugar.com

Author: Jon Savitt

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