Paranormal Group Explains Evil in Kate Gosselin Home

What began as a routine house cleansing by a local group of paranormal experts called in by Kate Gosselin to rid her home of some negative energy, turned into a blame game between Gosselin and the people trying to help her.

“If you can’t do the job you claim you are capable of, then just say so,” Gosselin reportedly screamed at Joe Heebie, the leader of PAPS (Paranormal and Parapsychic Services) of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. His partner, Carolyn Jeebies, claims the outburst was a result of Heebie telling Gosselin that he was pretty sure the evil she spoke of in her home was just her kids hiding things from her in order to escape her wrath and that a normal cleansing would not make a difference.

Heebie and Jeebies both claim that the only hint of evil they found in the home is manifested in Kate’s frequent anger tantrums.

“It’s a catch-22 situation,” said Jeebies. “On the one hand, you have all these supposedly scary evil things going on in the house, and to deal with it, Kate gets all angry about it and is nervous and edgy all the time. The negative energy just feeds off Kate, and the cycle repeats itself over and over again.”

Asked what evil things are happening, Heebie says he was told by Gosselin that whole cartons of milk have spilled onto the kitchen floor, mushed peas and other vegetables have been found in corners and the toilets have backed up several times.

When Gosselin was asked if it could just be her children being children, the tense mother lost it. “My children,” she shouted, “are good kids, and I am a mother that loves her children. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt them.”

Heebie says that’s when he decided there was more here than meets the eye and decided to set up some audio/visual equipment around the home to rule out paranormal activity as the cause for the strange things happening in the home.

Once the cameras were rolling, sure enough, Collin Gosselin was captured on film spitting the spinach he was given for dinner out of his mouth toward wall behind him when Kate’s back was turned. When confronted, Collin began crying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again. The ghost told me to do it.”

After a private sit down with the children, it came out that the toddlers have made up the ghost excuse to tell their mother when they do something wrong so she will vent her anger in the direction of an unseen evil in the home.

Joe Heebie finally confronted Gosselin with the findings telling her that her children have been making up stories about evil beings in the home because they are afraid of telling her the truth and what her reaction might be.

Kate responded: “I send for a frikkin’ priest to rid my house of evil spirits and what do I get? The Heebie Jeebies.”

Kate told the paranormal team to wrap it up and get the hell out of her house but not before she asked “So, is this going to be on television? And if so, when can I expect my check?”

Author: P. Beckert

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4 thoughts on “Paranormal Group Explains Evil in Kate Gosselin Home

  1. Ooooohhh Kate!
    You can still have me anytime you want me, day or night.
    Even if you are angry.
    Especially if you are angry.
    It might make it spicier!

  2. Please, have you ever spent time with a young child, let alone 8. Young kids have been known to do the oddest things to either hide their actions from parents or to get attention for them. I believe what Kate needs is anger counciling, she has a lot to be angry about in her life, and just because outsiders see 5 minutes of it does not mean that is how she lives 24/7. But the kids should not have to fear it. The children really don’t need their, smoking, sleeping around, lazy father, showing them how to be productive members of society.

  3. OMG those poor kids, the fear they have of upsetting their mother is a very sad way to live. What is even sadder is Kate sees nothing wrong with her behavior, the paranormals were wrong, TLC is wrong, DWTS is wrong, Jon is wrong to Kaate its all wrong Kate maybe you are the wrong one? Jon save the kids

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