Pre-Dystopian America, Two Different Endings!

Thanks so much for following the Honest Adolph serial here at Glossy News. You can catch up on any updates about any future book release at Glossy News, as well as our Facebook page, which you can like right away! However, the easiest way might well be to follow my Patreon.
By the way, those subscribers who take the second-lowest patronage level or above (i.e. $3 + per month) will get access to the epilogue, which does NOT feature on the Glossy News serial!
Don’t worry… The novel ends perfectly well at the final chapter, which some of you will have read recently.
The epilogue is NOT AT ALL NECESSARY, because the novel finishes pretty well without it.
However, some of you may be itching to read more…
If so, feel free to subscribe to my Patreon, and the exclusive epilogue will be up for at least one month in advance of being released to the rest of the world! These kinds of boons are precisely the things that make Patreon great.
By the way, I will be posting sparing on Times of Israel too… Enjoy my blog!
And for those more spiritually inclined, there’s this as well…


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