Honest Adolph Serial to Resume Soon!

Apologies for the delay; things have been pretty tough recently.

The Honest Adolph serial is resuming soon.

More news soon! Please like or follow our Facebook page for more.

By the way, Pronoun have closed down; so I am trying to ensure Honest Adolph re-appears on all outlets; I also want to make sure the small number of people who have bought the book so far can retain their purchases.

Rightly or wrongly, I’ve found the instructions¬† and information from Pronoun a little confusing; not sure if that’s just me! But I hope to have more clarification soon. If you’ve had any problems with your ebook (hopefully not!) please email me: wallacerunnymede#@#gmail.com. Minus the hashes, of course!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the serial of the remainder of volume III of Honest Adolph.

The next chapter shows a sinister encounter between Adolph and a blackmailer.


— Wallace


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