My AMAFeed Interview: Key Highlights

In case any of you missed it, here is my AMAFeed interview from a while back.

We talked a lot about my satire, fiction and poetry.

I got dozens of questions.

One of our own Glossy News contributors, Benjamin Cain (who is himself an author) asked if the rise of satire in the past few sides may be a sign of decline? We had what (I hope!) was a pretty intelligent discussion, back-and-forth.

Other interesting topics included US vs British politics, my past writing background and experience, and an interesting point about why my recent novel serial is called ‘Honest Adolph!’ I expect the remaining chapters of part III of the latter to appear this November.

One of the toughest questions was about where I got my inspiration from…


Not easy.

But I tried hard to answer in detail, and sincerely too.

I felt the interview was well worth doing, overall.


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