Sarah Palin Coloring Book Is Amazon’s New Top Seller

Sarah Palin Coloring Book Is Amazon’s New Top Seller

The former part-time Republican Governor of Alaska has a new coloring book called “Sarah Palin in Comparison” that broke a sales record for its publisher and now tops Amazon’s best seller list.

Earlier this month, Little Red Schoolhouse Publishing also produced “Ted Cruz to the Future,” a “comic activity book for all ages” featuring Sarah’s rival, a Lone Star currently rising in the Tea Party.

Surprisingly, the junior Republican Senator’s coloring book was a Texas-sized hit for the company, and became Amazon’s number one seller at the time.

Not to be outdone, the former Tea Party favorite offered up “Sarah Palin in Comparison.” Palin’s book cruised to even higher sales than Cruz’s (which paled in comparison), posting an Alaska-sized record for the same small publisher to become Amazon’s new top seller.

The publication represents a “non-partisan, fact-driven point of view,” according to information provided by Little Red Schoolhouse Publishing.

The coloring book includes images of Palin and her family to color in (and presumably for them to color in), as well as empty images of Palin engaged in a wide range of activities: Drilling for oil, participating in beauty pageants, graduating from the University of Idaho, challenging ethics complaints, confronting one of President Obama’s “death panels,” suing the federal government for protecting polar bears, fighting for expanded government control over women’s vaginas, building bridges to nowhere, and convincing liberal scientists that “climate change just goes to show ya’ God is tucking America in safe and sound.”

The coloring book also offers glimpses of Palin the self-styled “Mama Grizzly,” a rugged, outdoorsy image that many say influenced Vladimir Putin (who claimed he can see her from his house in Russia): Field dressing a freshly killed moose, hunting wolves from an helicopter, piloting an hybrid dogsled, mowing down Katie Couric outside the CBS studio building, and gamely cutting short a lame duck.

There are fun puzzles and games too, like a maze so kids can “help Sarah get to the White House,” cut-out flash cards so little would-be journalists can get ready for the “gotcha media,” crosswords with special clues to help them learn common “dog whistle” words and phrases, and several pages of blank gallows emblazoned with President Obama’s likeness so kids can play the always popular word game Hangman.

“But this isn’t just for kids,” explained Palin as she rifled through the pages. “It’s terrific for people of all ages and skill levels. In fact, I went through the flash cards again right before this interview.

“And I just want to say to all of you out there who accidentally got a box of blue crayons with your shipment, gosh, I sure am sorry about that! I don’t know how that ever could have happened. This company only supplies red crayons, so I truly am at a loss to explain it.”

Palin is no stranger to the Amazon top sellers list. “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” a “fact-driven, eco-friendly cookbook” loosely based on her cable TV show of the same name, topped the list in 2011, featuring hot new takes on state favorites like seared moose on wilted field greens, roasted spruce grouse with sun-dried wildflowers, and a modern twist on Baked Alaska.


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19 Responses to “Sarah Palin Coloring Book Is Amazon’s New Top Seller”

  1. Lynn Braddy says:

    you people make me sick. Obama has a new childrens book, "How to lie. Period".

  2. P. Beckert says:

    So Lynn, what exactly do you have against coloring books?

  3. What color do you use for Oblahblah? Black? Brown? Neutral? rDecline to answer?

  4. Rick Patel says:

    Eloquent, erudite, enchanting Gov. Sarah Palin is America’s leading lady of letters in the 21st Century.

  5. rfreed says:

    Spread the Christmas hate, folks, spread the Christmas hate.

    Happy Holidays!

  6. I usually use half white and half black. I hope you can tolerate that.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. I couldn't find it, so I suspect you may be lying.

    Nevertheless, I hope you feel better in time for Christmas.

  8. Peter Peter says:

    Can’t find “Sarah Palin in Comparison” on Amazon …

  9. Peter Peter says:

    Ah, all your stories satire.

  10. rfreed says:

    I got a copy and drew naughty things on her with a red crayon.
    It was fun……

  11. Brian K. White says:

    Were… were they sores?

  12. rfreed says:

    No…..the naughty bits……..

  13. zod says:

    The only color is gray. All else is too specific a color 2 use.

  14. ShawnsMom says:

    Sounds like Sarah Palin`s Coloring Book will be great for those young guys Sarah likes to have affairs with behind Todd`s back.

  15. P. Beckert says:

    Entitled “Palin does Wasilla?” ha ha

  16. Half-white and half-black? What's that? Carmel? like carmel pop)corn? Islamic on the inside but semi-black on the out?

  17. Is that before or after Lunch period?

  18. rfreed says:

    Keep going Kenneth, get it all out!
    You’ll feel better for it.

  19. "Carmel popcorn" is just regular popcorn that they make in Carmel, CA.

    "Caramel popcorn" is popcorn with caramel.

    Some low-information voters might not know the difference, so I just wanted to clear that up.


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