Doing the Rhumba

Having you ever wondered why so many couples

part, after one competes in, “Dancing With The Stars”

This is what one contestant said to his partner.

When you came into my life,

I had you destined for my wife.

But, fate dealt a cruel hand,

you went and joined a rhumba band.

It really happened by half chance,

when we went to the local dance.

We were dancing nice and near,

when the leader asked for a volunteer.

Although the hour was getting late,

He wanted to demonstrate,

why he and his rhumba band

were the greatest in the land.

For a moment you did linger,

really you preferred the singer.

Or, was it me you tried to hurt,

I know now, you were a flirt.

Then into his arms you rushed,

Suddenly the crowd were hushed.

They were thrown into a trance,

   the way you did the rhumba dance.

I knew then, that you were hooked,

 the way in to his eye’s you looked.

The way you danced around the floor,

I knew our love would be no more.

Then you upped and went away.

Now, you rhumba night and day

Author: Anthony Irving

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