What can we do about the dangers of pollution ?

A constant problem, which the importance of, is being handled differently

from west to east and north to south of the globe………there is a solution.

What can we do about pollution,

surely there must be some solution.

It’s about time we did something,

about motor cars and river dumping.

If we work we’ll find the way,

but wait, that means we’re here to stay.

We’ll then be compensated,

by being over populated.

People will all live forever,

will they die…..no, not ever.

What will gravediggers do for a start,

in Hamlet they will find a part.

No more undertakers and wreaths will be cheap,

doctors will also be able to sleep.

What’s the answer, I’ve got the solution,

forget what we’re doing…..and keep pollution.

Author: Anthony Irving

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