Funny Poems (I): Designer Horseshoes, Monsters, Rotten Rhinos!

I bought these shoes in town
Designer didn’t you know?
They cost a lot and hurt like hell
That’s fashion, there you go

This day is going badly
I’ve just upset my mother
For when I had my lunch
I think I ate her brother

If you think of one thing
Before the current one
You may get confused
Which is not a lot of fun

I liked the other paper
That sort of mottled kind
Now I hate this blue
I think I’ve changed my mind

I love my model soldiers
For hours I paint each one
Then my rhino comes indoors
And ruins all my fun

They say you shouldn’t cheat
I don’t think that I should
But looking at his answers
I must agree they’re good

Author: JF

Writer, poet, musician and composer. I write a silly poem with a badly drawn cartoon most days for my sanity. Published in magazines, first novel published in the UK this summer.