How YOU TOO Can Help Glossy News Grow (As We Prepare to Finally Roll Out Our Rewards and Incentives Program!)

Wow! Quite a lot of stuff under the ‘Editorials and Announcements’ user name in the past month or so.

The Glossy News home page keeps a running tally of how many articles each account has published in the past 30 days.

However, the jockeying for top place is going to get even more exciting, as we roll out our new Rewards and Incentives Program, as discussed here:

Get Paid to Write! New Glossy News Incentives and Rewards Scheme

As already mentioned in the article just linked to, every contributor is free to opt in to getting a share of the monthly moneypot; apart from Brian K. White, One Tongue Johnny, Dexter Sinistri, Wallace Runnymede, Wallace’s Books.

I repeat, every single Glossy News account, other than these five, is eligible for a share!

However, I also mentioned that the monthly sum of money is subject to review over time. Obviously, the more we all make an effort to grow the site, the more likely we are to see a boom in traffic and various important analytics; and ultimately, in revenue. And of course, the more successful the site is, the more the webmaster, Brian K. White, will be in a position to grow the moneypot.

So, here are the ideas I promised you earlier:

1. Word of mouth (in person, or via email, phone, text or social media).

2. Facebook Page likes and shares.

3. Facebook Page invites.

4. Following editors and writers on social media.

5. Local events, such as intro sessions, fundraisers or workshops.

6. Free or paid advertising.

7. Crowdfunding and Patreon.

8. Links and crossposts in your blog, and to other websites you either edit yourself, or have access to.

9. Mentions in books, songs, open mic performances, or anywhere else you can possibly think of!

Later today, you’ll see some more detailed info on at least some of these! This may well take more than one article, so I hope you will all manage to keep up! In the meantime, please enjoy our wide range of exciting content, including rfreed’s darkly humorous piece on the NRA, Wallace’s surprising take on Drain The Swamp, the apparently discredited campaign promise of Donald Trump, and a disturbing scoop on North Korean sporting interfence by Swan Morrison of Short Humour fame.

Keep following, from today onwards!

Thanks so much for your support. If it were just the editors and writers guffawing into a more or less empty chortle-chamber, it wouldn’t work. Please help us keep up in the cut-throat world of indie satire, and boost our empire more and more!

C’mon everybody! Let’s do this!



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