Smart Woman Proves Guessing the Beans in a Candy Bowl is a Skill Game

One woman was able to use her lucky number to make herself $1,000 richer in one of the most skillful gambling competitions around.

They say that there are two main ways to gamble. The first way is to play games that are completely of chance, and the second way is to play on games that are based on skill.

One woman was able to show that sometimes you don’t know which is which by winning a massive $1,000 jackpot in a bean-guessing contest.

Canadians from ocean to ocean were impressed by this woman’s ability to put her lucky number to work for her in a heated competition held by her employer, a well-known manufacturer for kitchen supplies.

This company, which wished to remain anonymous, holds a competition each year for employees to guess the number of beans in one of their most recent and state of the art products.

This year’s product was the newest edition in the Bowlamatic line which recently upgraded from the Bowlamatic 12 to the more modern Multiplayer Bowlamatic 3000 Gold.

What makes the Multiplayer Bowlamatic 3000 Gold such a tricky container for this competition is that it allows up to six people to view it at the same time while making guesses.

They can even chat over SMS in an attempt to either collude to gain information or to fake out the competition to gain an advantage. Microgaming could not be reached for comment.

The lucky lady who picked the right number for the $1,000 prize ignored all of the new features of the Multiplayer 3000 Gold model and just relied on the same strategy she always uses which is to press buttons on her computer at random and choose the first number that comes up.

She calls this her lucky number, and it turned out to be the right choice because she had an extra $1,000 in her hand by the time the competition was over. The legality of bean-counting competitions is a gray area in most of the country, and you can go here to read more about Canadian gambling including up-to-date news on the great bean-counting debate.

Going by her initials A.G. because of privacy concerns over her big win, this lucky lady gave a statement at a press conference where her identity was protected by wearing nondescript clothing, a large pink Afro wig and a mask of Prime Minister Stephen Harper held up by a Popsicle stick.

Her statement read, “A lot of people didn’t think that my strategy of banging out Beethoven’s Ninth on my keyboard to generate my lucky numbers would work. They don’t understand that I have a system, and bean-guessing is a skill-based game that should be protected by law accordingly.”

Not everyone was impressed with her feat. A number of protestors were present outside of the company headquarters all week waving signs and causing problems for foot traffic. The main issues being protested are the fact that none of the prize pool is going to any funds for helping underage gambling.

When interviewed, one of the protestors admitted that he didn’t know how many underage individuals, if any, worked at the company. However, he believes that his protests help to bring press to the issues that he thinks are important, and that’s good enough for him.

The question everyone is asking is what the lucky winner is going to do with her winnings. She indicated that she’s going to increase her bet sizes at the bean-counting tables and try to take down a big progressive jackpot so that she’ll never have to work again. We want to wish A.G. the best of luck in her future games, and we hope that she’ll take down even bigger prizes next.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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