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Invade Iraq for Punctuation Errors
The Iraqis "cannot adequately use either the semicolon or the period. more

Bush's Ungenius Oil Solution
"Problem is that there ain't enough oil, solution is... we needs us some more." more

Dubbya Sleeps Well at Night
So would you with money only a careful crime/politics ratio can bring.more

Bush Boinked a Biggy
It was only a matter of time, but sex allegations now fly.more

Why Bush Wants War

Bushs Cunning Covert Plan
to sneak in on Halloween more

Bush Trades Florida
to Cuba for 2 shortstops and a relief catcher.more

Bush's New Secret Agents; Bears

Bush Moron Secret Out There

Bush Unveils Iraqi Asscam
The latest covert surveillance equipment to head out back. more

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