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Want to know about submitting your work to With all the satire sites that come and go each month choosing where to submit can be a very difficult decision. With that in mind, rather than tell you all the rules, regulations, and restrictions for submitting your article, let me tell you why there is no better to be published.

What we have to offer...

What's expected of you...

I've spent a lot of time both as a writer and an editor. It seems all of us writers wish for the same thing, I've heard it over and over.

Writers want to be;

Respectably published ,
well read, once published.
Have creative authority, and
personal/professional freedom.
Have boundless opportunities,
and get mentorship from writers who are willing.

Respectably published- No one denies the far reach of the intenet, but because of it's ease there are some real clowns out there. Pick an established site rather than just some dude with a computer. With over two years of publishing Glossy News we've grown more stable and popular with each passing month. Another important factor is that Glossy News is not run for profit, it's about passion. It's because no one would look at my submissions, so I had to start my own site. Going broke is not possibile and advertising revenue is regularly pumped back out into advertising.

Want to talk respect a little more? How about free advertising? If you have a website and contribute to Glossy News, you will be given a classified ad and an ad banner on the site. You will be listed with a link and/or email address on the author contact page with your bio and you will be permenantly posted to the links page. If we had money to pay out, this is where it would be. This is as close as we get to money.

Well read- With over 5,000 daily visitors and climbing, has a strong and growing audience with readers in almost every country. Our stories are regularaly listed on link sites and weblogs. Our search engine traffic is also growing steadily each month. We typically get 1,500 to 2,000 new readers a day just from search engines. Top monthly articles can expect 20,000 or more readers. You have to admit that's pretty well read.

Creative authority- Some of our writers do not suffer copy-editing. Three have been moved up to associate editors on their own merit. Glossy News gives everyone a chance to participate at their own level. Some writers submit an article every three months, others do three a week. Everyone is encouraged and supported to find their highest potential.

Personal & professional freedom- We don't own your articles, nor do we tell you what you can't do with them. If you want to submit the same story to another site, go ahead. If you want to open your own competing site, that's okay too. If you already have a site and want more exposure for your resume or ego, it doesn't bother us in the slightest. Writers with their own satire sites are given links from both the Bio page and the Links page. The bitter pie of satire is big enough to go around. Cooperation will insure our survival. Beware of editors who want to own you or your material.

Boundless... This is where it gets exciting. Not only is Glossy News markedly liberal in what we publish, there is more "boundless" to be had. We publish one to three times a day as the mood moves us or stories break. If you're first to print, we can get it published easily. When Saddam was captured our story broke 45 minutes before the Whitehouse announced it.

Coach each other- Some writers love making thier pictures and captions, others don't even like writing the headlines. THAT'S OKAY! That's why we're all here together. When I go on vacation, the site doesn't wait for my return, the other editors keep it cranking. If you want someone to help you retool an article, sharpen up your jokes, or help you learn photoshop, we can do that.

If you already have a website, please send me the link and I'll post it for you. If you want yet more traffic, check my suggestions over on the Internet Satirical Newspaper Association in the webmaster resource section.

Of course there are rules to submitting. Be sure to read and agreed to all terms BEFORE submitting. Also, the submission system isn't quite self explanatory, so please for the love of God read the tutorial on use and form before you submit.

By submitting an article you agree to the following conditions:

  1. The material is original, and you wrote it.
  2. It is funny, preferably funny as hell, though maybe even funnier than that.
  3. You grant us permission to publish the article and any accompanying media. Publication right is irrevocable, meaning we won't purge your articles from the system in the future.
  4. Article may be subject to copy editing.
  5. You accept full responsibility for any copyright infringement or intellectual property violations caused by your article, (only you know its true origin.)
  6. All names in your articles are completely fictitious except when using prominent public figures. We're not here to help you libel your ex's.

Ready to submit something? You can go read the detailed author tutorial right now if you like, it's posted here, and it covers quite a bit, including how to get onto the system and submit a piece direcly.

Then What?

We review your article. If you're funny, you're in. That's it.

If you don't make the cut, you will be given the opportunity to workshop with senior writers and given other pointers towards improvement.

Feel Like Being a Real Pal?

We bust our asses to make this site a hit and we really can't do it without your help.


  • Sending out press releases to your friends, family or community saying "Look at me, I'm on Glossy News!"
  • Telling all your friends and family that you're published, and encouraging them to come have a look,
  • Hooking me up with your hot receptionist,
  • Linking to Glossy with this logo
  • None of this is required, but it can't hurt if I ask nicely.

    Brian K. White

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