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Privacy Policy
We do not collect individual user data ever. We do track which nations provide the most traffic and to which articles, but it is never tied to individual users. As such we never sell your name and really don't know how, and even if we did know how we wouldn't have that data to sell. We don't know anyone to give it away to either so don't worry about that loophole.

We no longer employ cookies though there may be a few pages buried in the archives that did. Those cookies were only intended to identify new users and ask them to subscribe. Subscription is a feature we no longer offer.

Some of our advertisers may employ cookies in an anonymous basis to prevent advertising fraud as well as not inundate you with the same advertisements all day long.

If you have any specific concerns please bring them to our attention immediately. If it's a question of yours there's a good chance others are wondering it too.

The Editor

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