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God Praised for Outfitting Donald Trump with Self-Destruct Button

Dateline: LOS ANGELES—Thousands of Americans, who resist Donald Trump’s presidency on the grounds that he is literally a psychopath, have formed a religious group calling for praise of God for supplying the psychopath Donald Trump with a self-destruct button. The…

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4 Signs You Need Some Help With a Move

Is there anyone who hates the moves? Staying at one and the same for years can make us absolutely indifferent to all things around us. This is why it is recommended to change living places once in awhile. At least…

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How to Create the Kitchen of Your Dreams

Dreaming of a new kitchen? Looking for a perfect dining table? Do you know how to find the perfect furniture, which will serve for years? For most women (and sometimes men) a perfect kitchen is a beautiful kitchen. And what…

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