Wallace’s Swiftian Valentine’s Wishes ;)

These appeared earlier today on my Twitter. My most heartfelt and ‘sincere’ Valentine’s Wishes to all!


I admire Frau Merkel, she’s stronger than Wagner, but her political allies tend to hang out with bankers!

L Ron is my spaceman, will you play with my rocket? I’d give you my heart, but my dynamics are rugged…

P is for Putin, a gorgeous young cadre, I’d have married him yesterday, but I’d ‘rather not’ rather.

Khameini is sexy, can I please stick my plums in? I love them jihadis, but he’s still plucking his chicken ;(

Dave is just splendid, my spiffiest of chums, he likes Tory austerity, not bejaped piggybums!

Tony’s dynamic, I love to pieces, you are bigger than Lennon, more charismatic than Jesus… ?!