How I Hate My Wife’s Magazines “for Women”

These woman’s magazines that my wife read are filled with well-fashioned commercials of materialistic and luxury-seeking beauty and life styles.

So much that I can smell the hands of the high intellectuals who have carefully crafted these rhetoric to fool women. These are a special class of subservient intellectuals who are in the business of imposing thoughts to women of tender age, and framing ideas for big businesses that sell these female products, and telling all the women readers everywhere what they should believe about the world within themselves and around them.

They’re a sort of secular priesthood in my mind on subjects and value systems for all the big businesses, whose task is to uphold the doctrinal truths of the society about spending, beauty and style, and commercial-driven worldviews that all the businesses wants you to believe in.

I personally blame the Cosmopolitan magazine (and that’s a very short list).

The ideal female body image of our culture is a construction of the retail industry. The ideal is unattainable for the vast majority of women, yet constant media saturation of, and bombardment by images and the consequent social pressure to attempt conform to the ideal motivates many women to buy a million and one disposable beauty products to achieve this to fleeting success if any.

The blond, white and slim ideal is a simulation of reality – sanitized and packaged for your consumption and envy (if you are a female) or lust (if you are male) in every movie or commercial or television show, whether its about science or its the news. It is what we are used to and the reinforcing images and experiences are all around us.

I have trouble listening to my wife’s consumer-driven philosophies and aesthetics when I know that 5000 children in Africa die each day because of starvation.

Yes, I know my wife knows things too and have a mind of her own. But how do you sit and listen silently to your wife’s talks when you know she’s been indoctrinated by greedy capitalists.


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  1. Hello Charles, I was very glad to read your story here. To supplement it and, in case you haven’t seen it, I’d recommend highly that you look at the documentary on Noam Chomsky called Manufacturing Consent. The book of the same name by Edward Herman and Chomsky too is something I think you might be relieved to see and might give you more examples and clarification that would bolster your arguments.

    The number of children per day that die in Africa, 5,000, is not quite accurate anymore, it’s now about 10,000 — just sub-Saharan Africa, according to this report from UNICEF:

    See p. 6 table 2, p. 7, figure 3.

    I should add that the western powers are responsible for this. They alone have the resources to overcome the tragedy and also bear most of the responsibility for the conditions that led it, from the horrible, murderous slave trade to its pillaging and destruction by them as imperial powers. (Recently, we have western companies benefitting from the exploitation the minerals in the eastern Congo, where millions have died. If you’re interested, you can find out more by googling “conflict minerals” or “congo minerals.”

    Taken from:

    (Chomsky’s says 8,000, but this number too is out of date. He wrote this in 2007.)

    The reason I’m emphasizing this is that, not only are the mass media, including women’s magazines distracting us from great suffering in the world, like massive numbers of children dying in Africa, they are distracting us from great suffering in the world that we Americans are responsible for. Hence, they are preventing us from acting on our responsibilities as citizens of a democratic society.

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