Obama Blocks Republicans’ Salaries – Saudis Step In

Obama has issued an executive order to block salaries to Republican Congressmen. They responded by saying “They would impeach his black ass”.

Democratic Congressmen have hailed this as the best step Obama has taken so far. This said, Republican Congressmen ended up better off than they were.

A day after Obama’s statement to block Republicans’ salaries, Saudis stepped in. They issued an official statement. It stated: ” Saudis promise to pay Republican Congressmen not only their salaries, but also to buy each of them a house and a yacht”. There was one condition, however.

All of the Republican Congressmen have promptly fulfilled it. They have sworn their allegiance to the flag of Saudi Arabia.

When asked for comment, Obama responded: “I’m busy playing golf. Don’t bother me.”

When Michele Obama was asked for a comment, she responded: “I think we should concentrate on my husband’s efforts to raise money for liberals. That’s far more important.” Then she added: “By the way, I will be running a marathon tomorrow, who’s with me?”

Fox News’ commentators, on the other hand, were very positive about this development. They have described it as “the best thing to happen since the glorious war in Iraq”.

George Bush, himself, appeared in one of Fox News’ shows to talk about it. He said: “What the heck, I spent all my adult life helping Saudis. Now I can finally be honest about it.”

The vast majority of liberal news outlets have either ignored this development or focused on Michelle Obama’s marathon. “What a wonderful first lady we have!” Their political commentators said.

When ordinary Americans were asked for comment, they responded: “Who cares? We don’t want vote anyway.” Some young American females, however, have showed their superior intellect. They said: “It is far more important to focus on Lady Gaga’s boyfriend”.

Overall, Obama’s decision to block Republicans’ salaries has been a minor issue. Most of them receive salaries not only from Saudis, but also from every major corporation on Planet Earth, showing their honorable disregard for United States’ national interests. Republicans at best.

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