Web Design Tips for Your Restaurant Website

Creating a website doesn’t mean your business is going to be successful immediately, especially when you’re in public catering.

Working on the restaurant website is not about placing the menu and the photographs you have. It is about building the right strategy and design to reach your target audience. The main goal of your online platform is not to inform of who you are but what you can offer what others can’t. The website should get your potential customers to come back, to leave the feedback, and to stay in. It is the first several seconds, which define whether you have a customer or lose him. If your web design strategy is full of gaps, you’ll never reach a desired level of ranking. Your website should contain all the basic restauranthill.com/features/ the customers might need and some specific web design tricks to make it 100% usable and comfortable.

So, let’s have a closer look at some very specific web design features, which any professional looking website can’t do without.

5 Web Design Tips for a Restaurant Platform

The following tips allow you to avoid a situation when a website is appeared to be outdated for a market demand and underutilized for a certain gadget or mobile device.

  • Easy-to-use menu. Posting a menu on your website can be a huge success or a huge failure. Don’t post a menu if you can’t do it correctly. What we mean under easy-to-use menu is that it shouldn’t be something your customers need to download or upgrade. People never do that. Make sure it corresponds to the menu, you have in real life. Make it clear, direct, and the one, which doesn’t take hours to open. Take care of the web serving you have and make sure that the menu doesn’t slow down the webpage;
  • Original HD photographs. There is nothing worse on the website than the photographs of poor quality. Don’t use stock photographs, which are not relevant or doesn’t reflect your restaurant atmosphere including interior and food;
  • Clear statement. Don’t write too much. You should have one, clear statement, which can attract your customer’s attention immediately. Leave too many words for a blog;
  • Social media websites. Don’t stop on the website only. Create the official accounts on all popular social media platforms to connect them with each other. Let your customers easily switch from one platform to another. Be active on all of those platforms too. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the best and the fastest ways to promote not only your restaurant but also a website;
  • Write a brief history of your place. People love to read the histories behind their favorite places no matter whether it is a clothing store or a coffee house. Show that your restaurant is something more than just a place to have a drink at. Inspire people.

Make your website stand out from the millions of other pages out there. Make it vivid.

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Author: Dexter Sinistri

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