Rod Harrington Talks About World Darts Championship

Now, everyone who loves dart as a sport and has been following it in the last 3 decades will know that one of the household names is Rod Harrington. Because of this, his words carry a lot of weight and respect whenever he drops them on issues concerning the Championship.
For the past 20 years, he has not been on the rings as one of the players in finals. However, he has moved from being a player to being one of the commentators after appearing in the finals of the competition in 1995. Come 2018, he will be among those making the commentary on the Alexandra Palace. Being one of the seasoned names in the sports, he has been speaking on the potential world darts championship winners for the year under review.
He started by saying something many people will doubt if it comes up as one of the OddsDigger tips. But then, the markets that get you the money are always the ones you doubt most. For him, Phil Taylor has not tested victory in the world PDC darts championship since 2013, yes. But, he still should not be discountenanced by punters when picking potential winners. He has 16 titles already, and he believes a 17th one is very possible come 2018. He is looking to exit the arena anytime soon, and Harrington believes he will be determined to capture the trophy one more time before throwing in the towel.
It would be recalled that many things have also pointed to the fact that Tailor will never be a walkover after he signed off at the winter gardens this year. Even though he is pitched against a much younger opponent in the person of Chris Dobey at the bdo, Rod is of the belief that the real darts odds favor him in a lot of ways. Harrington believes that the things that will work in his favor include his skills, the experience, the history, and the fact that this will be his last time at the competition. For him, it changes nothing if he fails in the bid to win this. But he will consider it a dream sendoff gift to win it and walk away with the pride.
He went ahead to make reference to the things he has achieved this year. They include the World Matchplay in Blackpool, and the World Series finals, defeating Michael twice in the bid to in these. He also alluded to his drive and determination, as one thing people should not question. But, he also acknowledged that he must give something above board to get the desired preliminary darts results if he must play the finals.

On other topics surrounding the game, Rod Harrington acknowledged that towards the end of the tournament, Taylor will become very emotional. He was Tailor’s runner up in 1995 and actually understands how he thinks and acts. So, he posited that if the bid to win the championship is actualized, Taylor will drop down a few tears from his eyes by way of emotions. He reminded all who cared to listen how Taylor is among those who built the company. Though he has since given up his shares for sale and will be moving away from anything concerning this type of business, it still would not be easy for him to leave.

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Author: Dexter Sinistri

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