My Exciting New Youtube Channel! Please Subscribe Now! (May MUST Go!)

Whew! Can you believe I finally got my camera working! Turns out I needed the proper camera software; not just the driver!

Anyway, it’s finally done now! The picture is actually cleaner than I thought, although not the most vibrant; and I didn’t even need to plug my microphone in, although I need to be careful to speak up, because there were a few words that are perhaps a little unclear in this five minute video; not bad for a first effort though, right?

May Muss Weg, as the Germans s…

Oh wait, was that Merkel?

Never mind, we’re all a bit confused nowadays. Please do drop a like, and also, it’s very helpful if you share it! I hope to one day get to the point where I can get all my non-accommodation expenses from passive income! But I won’t be monetising the Youtube channel, if at all, until quite a while from now! Enjoy this exciting ad-free experience!

UPDATE (19 NOV 2018: The video about to follow had some minor sound problems. It is my first video after all. So please consider watching the second version, which immediately follows it in this article. The latter is more detailed, aside from avoiding the minor sound errors of the first version. The good news, I have only had ONE video on my new channel with that many unclear words or sentences. Result!)

And here’s the better version:

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