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Dems/Reps Concoct “Jefferson Bible” Sequel

Believe it or not, Thomas Jefferson’s famous pick-and-mix assortment of Godly Greatest Hits, known as the “Jefferson Bible,” isn’t all that, nowadays; not even to the GREATEST CHRISTIAN AUTHORITIES OF ALL™…

Well, Ted Haggard never mentioned it in Jesus Camp, Answers in Genesis never allude to it, and Pat Robertson almost appears oblivious to its very existence…

So it’s only fair that in yet another highly constructive act of cross-party co-operation, the Democrats and Republicans have made their own sequel to the Jefferson Bible. All they needed to do was take the Bible and cut out all the bits they didn’t like! Read the full story


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Thomas Jefferson, James Madison’s Nasty Hobby of Making Monsters

Our Historic Leaders, Madison and Jefferson, Also had A Hobby Making Frankensteins.

There are unknown, dark portions of our history that our leaders would just as soon hope we didn’t learn. There are secrets about those who are at the helm and have the stewardship of our country that would cause many to become sickened and lose their patriotic fervor were they ever to be revealed. Read the full story


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Helen Dragas Voted UVA’s “Most Admired”

As Thomas Jefferson looks down from his cloudy suite in heaven, he must be exceedingly proud of UVA for its latest attempt at breaking the status quo in popular trends.

According to a poll released Sunday morning, Board of Visitors Rector Helen Dragas is the University’s Most Admired person, with 70 percent of the student body giving her their support. Read the full story


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