Florida Man Vs. Orange Julius Kiosk

(Part 1 of 3)

Central, Fl- Central Police were forced to break out the riot gear, after violence erupted inside a suburban mall early Friday night. Wilmont Clemmons, 33, of Clear, Fl was booked on charges of Disturbing the Peace, Destruction of Private Property, and Incitation of a Riot, early Saturday morning according to a police spokesperson.

Witnesses say Clemmons, a mall employee who worked at The Sports Chalet, was completely unprovoked when he “smashed an Orange Julius Kiosk with baseball bat, after appearing to argue with (the kiosk) for quite a few minutes.”

“He encouraged others to join in… many did,” said patron John Stevens who leaned against an ambulance with his arm in a makeshift sling hours after the dust had settled. “Lots of us tried to run, but we got trampled by people rushing towards the commotion, like they wanted to get a better view. It was absolute chaos… they were animals.”

What set Clemmons off, seems to be a question that nobody can answer. According to his girlfriend, who spoke candidly on the condition that we didn’t print her name, Clemmons had just returned to work from a two week trip to his family’s cabin in upper Louisiana, where he spent his time “hunting and blowing shit up.” Read more Florida Man Vs. Orange Julius Kiosk