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Same Sex Jail Romance Leads to Kentucky Clerk’s Change of Heart

Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis, who refused to issue gay marriage licenses and was taken into federal custody for contempt of court, has posted bond and been released after having a change of heart in jail.

After experiencing what she called a quasi-religious experience with her female cell mate, Davis returned to her job, her cheeks flushed and a smile spread across her formerly dumpy disposition. Read the full story


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The case against marriage equality for left-handed people

It’s time patriotic, flag-waving Americans stand up for our God-given right to oppose any minority group that makes us feel slightly uncomfortable.

The time is now to raise arms – and legs – against the moral decay of this once great land. Join me in opposing the misguided policy of marriage equality for left-handed people. Read the full story


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Gay Muslim Arrested for “Loving Mohammed”

RIYADH – An openly gay Muslim has been arrested by religious police for professing his desire to “make love” with the prophet Mohammed.

According to eyewitness reports, Omar al-Haard was accosted by thirty police officers after being caught in a major city square singing about his intentions towards the prophet, who is both reviled and adored in different parts of the world. Read the full story


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Biblical Definition of Marriage Unfortunately Defined (comic)

You know how those who thump the Bible hardest are also those who are the least likely to have actually read it? Well this comic points it all out.

The marriage equality movement isn’t seeking to redefine marriage any more than the past few thousands of years have already done so. Only this time, it actually makes sense.

Think you know the Bible? Take the GlossyNews Unbeatable Bible Quiz!

I mean, come on, what do you actually lose my allowing loving, committed, same-sex partners to wed? If it’s the “icky factor”, honey, I assure you, they’re already doing it either way. Is it because you feel so strongly about estate/inheritance taxes? Read the full story


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Math Nerd Sets “Less Than” Symbol as Facebook Profile at Most Inopportune Time

Polly Gonn, MIT class of 2012, recently updated her Facebook profile picture to one of her favorite mathematics symbols: less than.

In doing so, she unwittingly unleashed a firestorm of heated comments, opinions, and questions the likes of which has not been seen since Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was posted on Youtube.

“I honestly had no idea what I had done,” Polly admitted to reporters. “I wasn’t trying to make a statement, I finally solved a formula that I’d been working on for a month and so I decided to post something to celebrate.” Read the full story


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Barack Obama Thanks Bristol Palin for Unsolicited Parental Advice

Barack Obama made certain that he acknowledged the wise words he received indirectly Friday from Bristol Palin with regards to his stance on same-sex marriage.

“We are just incredibly thankful to have someone as mature and wise as Bristol Palin taking such an interest in the way Michelle and I are raising our girls, Sasha and Malia,” said the President from one of the many stops he made today on the campaign trail. Read the full story


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Same-Sex Marriage Now Legal in Washington, DC

Half of Congress already reported to have applied for licenses.


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