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Tony Blair Orders French Citizens not to Vote for Marine Le Pen

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is appalled at the recent EU referendum decision in the UK; as well as his failed attempts to prevent Corbyn becoming, and indeed remaining, Labour leader.
A rather flustered press conference has given him an opportunity to say where people in the UK are going wrong:

Now listen. Some there be who’d say our track record on successful interventions is rather far from shoddy by any means!
I mean, let’s look at it like this, there isn’t any real need for me to talk in detail…
About how we peacefully liberated the whole of Iraq, assisted with David Cameron’s dethroning of Gaddafi, and held the self-styled Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s feet to the fire by calling for ground troops against Daesh.
But our intervention in the EU referendum seems to have taken a peculiar turn. Not one person can ever say with a clear conscience that our intervention in Iraq, under our premiership, did half as much harm as reactionary pacifists are claiming about us.
And we simply have no conception of why our instructions to vote against Jeremy Corbyn were so poorly received. What could possibly account for this? If you don’t want to listen to us now, you ought not to have voted for us in the first place. Look at all we have done for you. We personally have liberated the Middle East, stopped the Serbians from committing genocide, oh and don’t forget Sierra Leone.
Well? What more could a socially conscious British citizen POSSIBLY want from us, in terms of public policy?! Oh and there were a few little things like the minimum wage and social housing too; they may not be of quite such critical and earthshattering importance, but we suppose they have their place.
There is simply no accounting for it at all. Nothing could be more unexpected and shocking that we, I mean we personally, y’know, could instruct the British people on where they were going wrong, and they should just plough on ahead and defy our will!
We mean, such unprecedented and inexplicable arrogance, spite and hubris is simply beyond all comprehension!
Still, never mind, eh? We am, er, we are, going to instruct the French not to vote for Marine Le Pen.
Now, we am quite sure that will just work a treat!



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4K Glossy News PODCAST 019 (11-30-15)

Here are the topics covered in the the November 30th, 2015 4K/UHD podcasts.

All of this is available in UHD on YouTube by searching “Glossy Podcast” or as an MP3 on iTunes by searching “Glossy News”.

* How to make a billion dollars selling nutritional supplements.

* The post office is looking for new trucks. They can save $15,000 per truck by going with electric and get a much better fleet. Read the full story


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Here are the Biggest Lies About Seatac Prop-One

This isn’t my fight. I’m new here, but I read up on it and I can’t even believe it’s up for debate. SeaTac should raise wages for airport workers for too many reasons to count, but what’s more, the reasons against it are all lies.

I’ve been researching this the past 6-hours and it just makes sense. Wages at airport positions should rise just as they have in every other American west coast airport. Plain and simple. Read the full story


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We Won! Seatac Minimum Wage Initiative Restored to November Ballot

SeaTac voters celebrate win: State Court of Appeals orders SeaTac Proposition 1 back on November ballot

Today, September 6th, 2013, with only two hours to spare before the King County Election board’s cutoff for printing, Proposition 1 to raise minimum wage at Seatac Airport and surrounding airport-related businesses is back on the ballot. Read the full story


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Big Business Attempts to Steal My Vote, Steels My Resolve

Seatac has an initiative that may or may not be on the ballot this November, thanks to activist judge Andrea Darvas. They’ve tried like hell to usurp my voting right, but I’m still here, guys.

• SeaTac Minimum Wage Vote Goes Court (and I’m the Plaintiff… seriously)
• Opponents of SeaTac’s Minimum Wage Push-Polled me, Obviously Running Scared
Read the full story


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Opponents of SeaTac’s Minimum Wage Push-Polled me, Obviously Running Scared

There’s a dirty trick in politics called the push poll. That’s when pollsters seek to sway the election by sowing seeds of doubt. Bush did it (successfully) against McCain, and the No On Prop-1 people in Seatac tried it on me. Read the full story


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SeaTac Minimum Wage Vote Goes Court (and I’m the Plaintiff… seriously)

Citizens in the city of Seatac, WA, where I live, have tried to bring a $15/hr. minimum wage for airport and hospitality workers to a vote. But opponents have shut it down and I’ve filed a lawsuit against the city, so here we are.

This is not a satirical story, this is 100% fact. I am the plaintiff named in the suit against the City of Seatac for kicking out my petition signature for lacking a date, even when undated signatures have a precedent of being accepted in the past. Read the full story


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Layoffs Rampant, Fired Employee Knows Solution (COMIC)

We’ve all worked in this kind of office. You know the solution is so simple it’s right in your face, but you’d be crazy to come right out and say it… well, this guy did.

Click image to enlargify and see in full resolution.




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National Stay Home from Work Day Boycott Gaining Momentum

While the Tea Baggers are busy off rallying for their causes, the Populist Party has come up with what they believe is a more effective way to get the attention of big corporate interests to pay attention to just how unhappy their workers are. It’s called the National Stay Home from Work Day Boycott and it’s scheduled to happen on September 3, 2010. Read the full story


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