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(Memes) We Have to Do Something to Accommodate the Male Community: What do They Really Want?

Next time you see a man defending rape/warmongering/niqab/pimping/porn/religious extremism of ANY kind, remind him that he belongs to the ‘Male Community,’ and ask him how his safe space is going.
If men start getting referred to via patronizing faux-leftie metropolitan jargon and soundbites, they might learn to shut their traps a little! Read the full story


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Nations husbands “only watch women’s sports for skimpy outfits”

In a stunning turn around, a spokesman finally admitted that the nation’s husbands watch women’s sports “only for the skimpy outfits.”

The statement comes as a shock from the group who has maintained a hardline “for the love of sport” stance for decades. The list of sports men watch only to ogle its participants included tennis, volleyball, gymnastics, and a surprising late addition, basketball. Read the full story


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Men Hurt By Manly Media Portrayal

A recent survey has shown that men are becoming increasingly annoyed by the way they are being portrayed by the mainstream media.

The survey, carried out by the campaign group ‘Men Are Women Too,’ asked over 1,000 participating males how they would describe the men they saw on television, film, magazines and the internet.

The results are a clear indicator that men are not happy with the way men are represented. Read the full story


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Elway-Manning for America 2012

Area man Peyton Manning had just gotten laid off from work. Within 48 hours, he knew what he had to do. He hopped on a plane and headed to Denver. John Elway, Broncos exec, was waiting for him.

“Sorry about your neck, fella,” John commiserated, in his signature Fred Thompson croak. With four surgeries to his neck, Peyton had been seriously laid up for the first time in his working life. The neck stuck him on the sideline with $23 million in workers comp. Now, used goods for the old boss, he was on the street. Read the full story


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Male Bonding Imbroglio Leads to Tragic Tussle with Transvestite

New Orleans, LA (GlossyNews) –A male bonding imbroglio has landed two fraternity boys in the clink for attacking a transvestite who stopped to ask them directions.

According to local Transvestite, Katrina Sapphire, it went down like this: “Girl-I was jus comin up the street here on the norf side of Central Abenue, when heya come dess two college boys and dey wuz all drunk and shit, lovins on each other, and so I starts thinkin to myself that maybe dey like some attenshun from a real woman-knows wha I mean? Read the full story


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