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Nelson Tops Leiberman in “Race to #60”

WASHINGTON, DC — The Race to #60 is as old as the Senate. Only one person can claim the title in this rare event, as the party in power tries to work it so the race doesn’t happen. It becomes a public race when the legislative issue is so overpoweringly dull and no Senator purports to understand its values, let alone what it actually says.

These two legislative “faults” are attached to the bill’s writers and they are excused by the body from writing any bills for the rest of the session, thus they can stay home and attend to their real jobs in their districts, making money. Read the full story


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Senate Hands Control of Health Care Reform to Private Citizen

Hoboken NJ — In an effort to provide the best possible universal health care coverage to American Citizens, the Senate today released a new, surprise, Health Care Plan where all coverage will be provided through the ‘Bill Whiddel Insurance Agency’. Mr Whiddel runs a small, one man office in Hoboken, New Jersey. Whiddel was surprised by the plan, which would give him $400 Billion per year for the next 52 years to provide health care coverage to all Americans. Read the full story


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A Visit to the Modern China in 2009 on its National Holiday

Today is Beginning of China’s National Holiday — 10 day vacation. There’s so much patriotism everywhere you go. Chinese Flag shops are being robbed (figuratively). A lot of people are very happy with China, its future, and its current leaders. This is the 60s year of the New China being declared independent. Watching the celebration of people on TV and the powerful military parade, I cannot but being touched and influenced by such atmosphere and nationalism. Read the full story


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America’s Health Insurers Blow Millions on High Priced Hook

Just when you thought America’s health insurance companies couldn’t kick us any harder in the collective ass, comes the news that the insurance industry has paid coo-coo bucks for a study which says that if the present proposed health care bill is passed through legislation, it will be the cause for existing insurance premiums to rise. Say wha? Read the full story


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GOP Leader Tells Cancer Victim to “Beg for Charity”

US House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) wins the award for Scumbag Politician of the Week – a widely contested prize around Congress these past few years – with both Democrats and Republics running neck and neck in the qualifying heats. Read the full story


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NHS E-Mail Reply Three Years Late

The National Health Service has apologised after writing to a man to address various concerns over his hospital medical treatment – three-and-half years after he kicked the bucket and went aloft to join the Choir Invisible. Read the full story


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Counter Protester Turns to Cannibalism

Kayotic City, CA – Things turned ugly Wednesday night at a gathering of citizens in favor of President Obama’s Health Care Reform Bill, when a counter-protester ran up to one of the march participants and bit off the tip of his finger. The victim, Phil Langes, was rushed to Los Rabies Hospital and Medical Center’s emergency room; however, the finger tip could not be sewn back on due to the fact that the man who bit it off appears to have swallowed it. Read the full story


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Obama Proposes Pet Health Care Plan to Woo Seniors

Stung by reports that the elderly are turning against his health care reform proposal, President Barack Obama is prepared to offer seniors a series of incentives to get them back on board. Read the full story


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Kennedy to Achieve Health Care Reform from Grave

Washington — Washington Post Associate Editor Bob Woodward reports that the Obama Administration plans to use the death of Senator Ted Kennedy to fast-track its health care reform measure now languishing in Congress. Read the full story


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