Glossy News Has Some Other Amazing Projects! Here are Just a Few!

Dear friends and fans of Glossy News:

Yesterday we reminded you about our exciting Facebook page and Patreon: please do generously support our amazing writers!

But today, we’d like to tell you about some other amazing things!

First of all,

there’s an amazing game here you just have to try! Check it out on Amazon now.


do check out Brian’s Youtube Channel, which has over thousands of subscribers already; but we need plenty more!

There’s also a dedicated podcast channel:

Check out the trailer for the Bobby Joe movie, an epic mockumentary from the ‘How Things Do Be Made!’ guy!

T’simple! Read more Glossy News Has Some Other Amazing Projects! Here are Just a Few!


Cheez-Its, the Nutritious New Superfood Everyone’s Raving About! (Glossy News Video)


They’re nutritious and delicious! Never mind what raw food humping organic freegan zealots tell you… Cheez-Its are the real deal! If tomato ketchup is a vegetable, then why can’t Cheez-Its be the edgy new superfood du jour as well???

Watch this exciting Bobby Joe mockumentary, and find out how Cheez-Its done be MADE! T’simple!


Brian’s Funny Youtube Playlists: Part 2!


I’m currently running a series of articles about Brian’s Youtube Channel. As some of you will know already, Brian K. White is the boss and webmaster of Glossy News, while I am the managing editor. (Send me your funny satire stories or other funny content to!)

Last time, we looked at Brian’s mockumentary playlist. This time, we’re looking at his funny web parodies of the television series ‘Cops.’ Read more Brian’s Funny Youtube Playlists: Part 2!


What’s Coming Next this Week?

This week at Glossy News, we have:

Some disturbing satire on the NRA, the controversial US gun lobby.

More funny videos from Brian!

More advice on how you can help us grow, as we introduce our modest (but hopefully very timely and helpful!) rewards and incentives scheme. Read more What’s Coming Next this Week?