NFL Roster Cut Down Deadline: Notable Considerations

There have been varied opinions on the expectations the NFL has for general managers to cut their roster down from 93 to 53 in just a single day. Remember, this is a process that used to take place over a period of two weeks.

And while some people only care about the updated NFL Lines for 2017 kickoff, those more savvy NFL fans might have taken note of those many issues and considerations that must be taken into account before the 4 p.m ET deadline is reached.

The infrastructure is one problem. The personnel departments will see over 1,100 players hit the markets at once. For them to know which players from other teams will be available, these departments will have to work over time to revise the projected cut lists.

And if that undertaking wasn’t difficult enough, some general managers are not even sure how they are going to transport 37 cut players to the airport to see them off to their next destination.

Of course, the general managers also have a serious workload coming their way. If the comments of Browns executive Vice President Sashi Brown are anything to go by, most general managers prefer to maintain a personal touch when it comes to dealing with their teams.

That means people like Sashi intend to meet with all of the 37 cut players before they are sent on their way. Sashi knows all the 90 players on his roster. He has great relationships with them, which means he sees it as his duty to meet every single one of them.

One imagines that it will be a hell of a stressful day for Sashi. Most teams have never cut so many players at once, and no one wants to be in Sashi’s shoes during those two minute heartbreaking moments when he tells 37 players they are losing their jobs.

The human element is going to make things so much more complicated.

It is worth noting what it will mean when so many players hit the market at the same time. With that sort of flood, it will be easy for teams to miss prospective free agents they might have been watching.

In that regard, players will have to look to the practice squads where they will end up and where they could be claimed by other teams. There are likely to be fewer new faces on the practice squad.

Breaking in new players takes time and most teams will probably prioritize names they know and believe they can trust.

The quarterback movement is going to keep a lot of analysts and pundits on their toes. Many a team is likely to prioritize two quarterbacks and then cut a third. And that third quarterback might eventually benefit and upgrade another team.

Most people expect an estimated eleven teams to keep the numbers to two quarterbacks. Every powerful team with good quarterbacks will rationally hoard them. But then you have teams like the Giants who are probably looking to eliminate either Josh Johnson or Geno Smith.

With the Cardinals, the obvious choice to cut has to be Blaine Gabbert.

The NFL is an intense league and one assumes that this recent change will ratchet that intensity up to new heights.

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Author: Dexter Sinistri

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