NFL Analyses Fans Biometrics to Figure Out what They Like

NFL ratings are still falling. And if you thought the league didn’t care, you were dead wrong. There is so much to consider in the game of football than the sports betting odds for this season.

And chief amongst these considerations is the manner in which the game of football is viewed. You wouldn’t expect the NFL to care about the way you watch their games but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The NFL recently launched a comprehensive series of tests that involved getting fans into a laboratory and watching them as they watched television. The goal was to measure their biometrics as they watched the game they loved, this including the movements of their eyes and their heart rates.

The professionals in question went so far as to measure skin response. The idea was to understand the manner in which NFL fans responded to elements of the football-watching experience such as the use of split screens and the design of the ads.

The tests were highly extensive and the results collected will soon manifest in the games that will be broadcasted in September when the regular season begins. The NFL has a particular goal in mind. They want to not only attract viewers to their games but they also want those viewers to remain engaged.

The NFL earns billions of dollars from Advertising revenue. The more people they can get to watch their games, the more money they can expect to make. The NFL is in a precarious position because they are fighting with so many other forms of entertainment to retain the attention of their fans.

The 8 percent drop in viewership in 2016 manifested as a result of the draw of the presidential campaign. It didn’t help that the NFL was frequently contending with scandals.

There is good reason to believe that the biometric data collected by the NFL from these tests will yield results. Certainly, one can assume that viewers will appreciate the reduction in commercial breaks. The commercial breaks that will be shown are likely to be longer, but the NFL is determined to reduce the number of promotional messages which normally makes the game of football so frustrating to watch.

Most football fans you speak to will tell you that the game of football has too many commercial breaks. Where the NFL doesn’t reduce commercial messages, they will change the manner in which this promotional material is shown.

Split screens are gaining traction, where fans can watch the game on one side while still viewing the commercial on the other side of the screen. Once referees are given the go ahead to start reviewing plays on handheld devices as opposed to the sideline monitor, the games will also speed up.

If that wasn’t enough, the NFL has plans to take advantage of online streaming. Many broadcasters will be happy to learn that the NFL is open to having them distribute matches online.

These changes are expected to benefit broadcasters and advertisers who spend so much money on football games because they are counting on the massive viewership the NFL boasts. No one wants the rating numbers to keep falling, and even skeptics of the NFL will probably root for the league to take all the necessary steps to safeguard the future of football.

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Author: Dexter Sinistri

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