Embrace it and Celebrate it: AIDS in Shelby County TN

In the city of Memphis, it is not a rare thing to walk through the streets and be completely blown away at the filth found lurking around every grotesque corner.  Men, women, and teenagers alike are using their bodies as a breeding ground for a devastating disease known as HIV/AIDS.  Sexual encounters are being witnessed between two women, two men, and men and women.  Young adults and older adults alike roll up their sleeves, tie a piece of cloth as a tourniquet above their elbow, and grit their teeth as they shoot up their drug of choice.

I believe it is agreed by persons in all walks of life that this lifestyle found on the streets reflects the present deplorable state of our nation; therefore, whoever could find an easy and moral way to make these cases unheard of deserves merit for their brave endeavors on our gritty and grimy streets.  My contention is that this condition is far from being confined to just abolishing sex and drugs among our residents; it is of a much greater depth; one that could possibly affect all individuals and caustic cases in Shelby County and the surrounding areas.  Problematic situations lead innocent bystanders the ability to see what happens in these cases, which leads me to set up circumstantial situations of what would truly happen if all individuals know what comes of drug use and promiscuous sex among an AIDS/HIV infested community.

One advantage my well-thought out and executed plan has would be the taxation of these drugs that promote the spread of HIV/AIDS.  Simply imagine what revenue the state of Tennessee would bring in if officials decided to tax heroin, cocaine, and all forms of methamphetamine.  Actually the aforementioned should not only be taxed; these substances should be made legal.  Protesters and drug lords, who hoard whatever form of illegal drugs are available, lead the way in promoting the legalization and taxation of marijuana.  So, why should Congress not allow the legalization and taxation of these three HIV/AIDS promoting drugs?  Revenue would be in unimaginable numbers.

I can think of not one objection between druggies and law officials.  This leads the way to a less-crowed jail system since a massive majority of criminals currently in the jail system are there because of drug-induced cases,  state officials would be allowed to hoard the true filthy criminals, and in the process druggies are happy because they will no longer be entangled with the law.  The drug users get their fix without illegal ramifications, and the state gets their funding through taxation.  If these drugs can become legal, users will not have to think about sneaking around the alleys or in a dark corner of a room where everyone fears for their safety from the law, to shoot up.  Everyone could do it out in public, and the whole community would know what comes of these heinous products of the earth.

Another advantage that comes with this plan is having sexual encounters with whomever individuals can get their hands on, same gender or opposite gender.  Now, more than ever, individuals are having promiscuous and experimental sex with all different types of people without thinking of the ramifications that are a product of this experimentation, such as sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted children, and, most importantly, HIV/AIDS. We also have to be aware of other facts and statistics.  If people decide to have unprotected sex, they are preventing the miracle of life, but also having promiscuous sex that could lead to pregnancy complications if that person has contracted the disease.  Innocent little babies have no say in whether or not they contract HIV/AIDS from their infected mother.

The question now is what if these sex advocates decide they want to have unprotected sex because it is the true human nature, but do not want a child in the process?  Simple: fix it.  Alternative forms of pregnancy prevention are out there such as birth control, hysterectomies, and vasectomies.  This offers the advantage: every one who wants to partake in meaningless sex between whomever they choose could now do so without the fear of having a child. After all, the only factor in having promiscuous sex among multiple partners is HIV/AIDS or another sexually transmitted disease.

Humans are created as sexual beings, longing for the connection between two souls.  Who are we to deny that connection by saying certain people cannot have sex with others?  If that means that those people contract HIV/AIDS in the process, it is just a side effect that comes with that decision.  All logical decisions can have unjustifiable ramifications.  Embrace it, and celebrate it.  At least they will be with the majority of others who share the same lifestyle.  This simply means that this infectious disease will stay among those within the community of sex-craved citizens, right?  If only it were that simple.  Imagine what would become of this state in North America if there were limitations and boundaries to control the spread of HIV/AIDS.  No individual believes that he or she will be the one to contract the wretched disease, but truth be told, it is easier than most believe.

Some people are very concerned about the vast number of people infected with HIV/AIDS,  and here I offer to share my thoughts on what measures can and should be taken to ease this county of the rising rate of this atrocious disease.  I believe the proposals set before us are of the utmost importance for all to become aware of.  Matters such as this should be taken seriously, not just put on the back burner such as many local issues in our community have become accustomed to.  First off, a drug-inflicted lifestyle more than often leads to the contraction of this disease.  If possible, abolitionists should take every single precautionary measure to abolish heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine.  Secondly, those who partake in sexual activity should practice safe sex to not only protect themselves, but also to protect the human life that could have been brought into the world with no choice but to live vicariously through the existence of his or her parent.  Thirdly, alternate lifestyles must be made known.

Avoiding drugs and having safe sex just underlines the whole picture.  This is not just a change in habits; it is a choice to avoid those instruments used for shooting up that are contaminated with AIDS and to put condoms to use while having sex.  Many other measures may be taken and should be considered such as getting tested on a regular basis to assure yourself and others of where everyone stands with this disease.  I can think of not one single objection to this proposal.  We are to guard our bodies in the way we treat them; health and obstruction fall under this.  Let no one argue against my stance unless he or she can validly prove that my methods, which have been made known, are an ineffective way of changing the views of those who reside in our infested county.

I now propose facts and statistics.  To understand the impact of HIV/AIDS over time according to the Department of Health and Human Services, the top races who are infected with HIV/AIDS are Afro-Americans and white Americans.  The six most common transmission categories are male-to-male sexual contact, injection drug use, male-to-male sexual contact and injection drug use, high-risk heterosexual contact, mother-to-child (perinatal) transmission, and other (includes blood transfusions and unknown cause).

I profess, from the deepest part of my soul that I wish no individual the unhappiness, heartache, and sadness that comes with having HIV/AIDS.  I simply wish to convey a strong message to those who are a part of my community for their overall good and well-being.  I have no intention or desire to ever inject myself with any of the aforementioned drugs or partake in any sexual encounter that could harm my body.  Also, I have no other motive for my mentioning of the ramifications and lifestyle choices of an HIV/AIDS infected person other than to warn and advise against the life that usually trails behind a person who has this traumatic and life-altering disease.


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