How Much is Too Much to Spend on a Comfortable Gaming Chair?

How much is too much to spend on a comfortable gaming chair?

Buying a gaming chair is one of those things that gamers take seriously. Considering how big an investment it is to spend money on a gaming chair, you want to get one that is super comfortable and can last you a long while. The worry with gaming chairs, however, is that they can be a tad too expensive. You can end up spending several dollars in a gaming chair that does not bring you the kind of satisfaction you want. While it is of the essence to consider the budget of the gaming chair you choose, it matters to find one that is comfortable and can support your body correctly. Here is how to decide how much money is enough to use up when shopping for a gaming chair:


Your priority is obviously, maximum comfort. The gaming chair you choose needs to be built for adequate body support. An ergonomic seat is such that offers sufficient support on your back, enough to give you maximum pleasure.

While on this issue, a high-back seat is far much better than one that is not. You want a chair that can support your back all the way up to your neck. A good example of such a seat is the OFM gaming chair.

Quality of the materials used

The better the quality of the materials in a chair, the more expensive it gets. However, even with budget gaming chairs, you have to be very particular with the material you settle for because longevity is also of the essence.

The first bit to look at in the chair is the padding material. Some type of foam used can be too firm and very uncomfortable for your body. On the other hand, it can be too soft and wear out as soon as you bring it home. Inquire to know what type of foam is used on the gaming chair you select.

The other bit to consider is the cover of the gaming chair. It may not be the entire reason you buy a chair, but it should influence your decision. Once the material is too light and made from fake fabric, then it will wear and tear very fast.

Finally, you must look out for the framework of the chair. A good chair is supposed to support your weight without falling apart in the middle of gameplay. Ensure it is not all made from plastic, but rather with strong metal like steel and aluminum.

The brand you choose

In every merchandise in the world, some brands have a competitive edge over others. Some brands in the gaming industry have set a name for themselves by coming up with the most amazing chairs for its users. In that light, you can also expect that gaming chairs from the top brands are more expensive than others. This does not mean that seats from smaller brands are poor quality or not worth the money, but rather, if a brand name matters to you, then you must be willing to spend a little more money for the chair of your dreams.

Guarantees and warranties

Anything could go wrong in such a short while. Right after you bring your gaming chair home, you could notice a considerable defect that affects the functionality of that seat. In such a case, are you guaranteed a refund or a new chair? What are the terms binding the purchase of the chair you choose? Mostly, expensive gaming chairs have guarantees and warranties that users can bank on in case of anything. Some even have a lifetime warranty, while others simply operate on a 30-day trial period.


It would be unfair to say that a gamer must spend a certain amount of money on a gaming chair. Given that there are gaming chairs that range from under $80 to over $1500, then you can see how there are several factors that should affect your decision making. In the end, it should matter that you find a gaming chair that can befit your needs and preferences while sticking close enough to your budget range.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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