4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Agile Development

Mobile App Development process, in both enterprise and startup ecosystem, can be challenging. When an entrepreneur backed decides to make an entrance in the mobility world, there are a number of things that have to be considered.

There are a number of factors that they have to keep into consideration – timely delivery of the app, convenient & easy flowing mobile app development process, and complete transparency between them and the team of mobile app developers.

These must have requirements of app development and delivery process makes it apt for businesses to invest in an agency that follows an Agile process of development on an everyday basis.

In this article, we will look at the Agile mobile app development process in brief before getting into the reasons that validate why a business looking to walk the path of mobilization should adopt the Agile approach in their journey.

What is Agile Mobile App Development


Under the Agile mobile app development approach, the complete mobile app development process is divided into different segments – Design, Development, and Testing. So at any given point, there is a phase that gets completed and no team has to wait for the team working prior to them to finish their job before they can start.

The advantage of this methodology is that everything happens in a continuation and so if there is any change or alteration, it is attended to in real time.

Now that we have looked at the concept of Agile development, in brief, let us now get into the reasons why the approach is chosen by both app development agencies and businesses to start their mobility journey.

Let us get started, without any further delay.


4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Agile Mobile App Development

Stakeholders’ Engagement

The best part about Agile mobile app development approach is the open line of communication and engagement it promises between the development team and the business persons. Through the mode of the scrum and weekly sprint delivery, all the stakeholders can interact and engage with others to see the status of their projects, look at the challenges that they are facing and the probable solutions.

This capability to have constant interaction makes it possible for both clients and the development team to come on the same picture in terms of vision of the application.


On-Time Delivery

The fact that Agile makes it possible for teams to work on multiple processes at the same time, expedites the whole app development process as all the different activities – design, development, and testing happens side by side.

This when added to the point that all the changes that are to be made in the app also happens in real time, helps in releasing of builds more frequently, which translates into a fast project delivery of app project.


Promotes Change

If you look at any other approach than Agile, suppose even Waterfall, what you will find is an event where different teams get involved at a different time. Example, the development team will not get involved until designing has done their job and likewise testing team will not get involved under the design and development team has given the app a go ahead. In this situation, it becomes very difficult to get the changes made in the very first element designed and developed.

Now, in case of Agile, because everything happens simultaneously, side by side, it is easier to work on changes in real time.


Promotes Quality

The side by side working approach that Agile mobile app development approach follows make it easy to focus the effort on quality for the developers and designers alike have enough no pressure time to ensure that the quality is not sacrificed with at any point in time.

So, here were the four reasons that make it ideal for a business person to invest in Agile mobile app development approach. Now that you have looked at what they are, there is only one thing left for you to do – Get your mobile app development process on Agile module. If now you are considering investing, then check out this article about seafarer earning deduction.

Meanwhile, let us know what you think are the different reasons that make Agile the right approach in the comment section below.


Author: Dexter Sinistri

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