Top Tips For Flying From Heathrow Airport

Top Tips For Flying From Heathrow Airport

For many people. Heathrow airport is the best airport in London due to its facilities and the huge amount of flights that come and go every day. For others, Heathrow is extremely overwhelming and is the last choice for many who want a stress-free trip.

In this article, we are going to give you some top tips for flying from Heathrow airport in order to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more about this.

Avoid The Heathrow Express

One of the most common ways to get to Heathrow Airport from Central London is using the Heathrow Express which is a shuttle train. While this can be very convenient and can get you there in a fraction of the time, it can also be very expensive. Many people choose this method due to its link with Heathrow, but it is not always the best possible option. Consider other routes such as the train or driving yourself which is far more cost-effective.

Use Heathrow Airport Parking

If you do decide to drive yourself to Heathrow airport, then you can take advantage of Heathrow Airport parking. All you need to do is book your space online at and show up on the day. Parking at Heathrow is also very beneficial because when you book in advance online, you’ll get a huge discount. Many people choose the airport parking at Heathrow and it is something which you should consider when taking your next flight from this airport.

Know Your Terminal

Did you know that there are four different terminals at Heathrow airport? They range between 2 and 5 and if you go to the wrong one then you might end up running a little late. This is why it is important that you find out which terminal your flight will be leaving from before you go. Of course, you can get between them if you end up in the wrong place, but some will require a train or bus to get to the right place!

Arrive Early

As you can probably tell from all of the different terminals, Heathrow airport is extremely large. This is why you should think about arriving for your flight as early as you can in order to make sure that you don’t miss your flight. It can be easy to get lost amongst the various terminals and the shops before even making it to your gate. Try to arrive early and you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience.

Download The App

If you really think that you are going to struggle to get around Heathrow Airport, then you should know that there is a handy app that you can take advantage of. This app will help you out with any connections that you have, finding the right terminal and much more. This app is something that we would recommend for anyone who has never flown from Heathrow Airport before.

Shop Before You Go

At Heathrow airport, you can shop online before you go and pick up your items from the various stores once you get to the terminal. This is ideal for those who haven’t had a chance to do last minute shopping for their trip and want to grab items once they get to the airport.  Heathrow airport has some amazing designer shops and other less expensive brands so there really is something for every budget. Make sure to check out the Reserve & Collect service and you will not be disappointed.

Look Out For Kids Eat Free

Our final tip for those who are travelling from Heathrow airport is to keep an eye on the restaurants and their offers. Some of the impressive restaurants will let kids eat for free if an adult purchases a main meal. This is quite a good deal for those who are travelling with a large party and can’t afford to feed everyone. Some of the restaurants offering this include Gordon Ramsay Plane Food and Carluccio’s.  Make sure to check this out when flying with kids from Heathrow airport.

Final Verdict

If you have a trip coming up and are going to be flying from Heathrow airport, you should think about taking on board all of the tips that we have given you in this article. Think about making your own way to the airport and parking your car in the car park. You should also consider downloading the Heathrow airport app which will give you all of the important information that you need. Heathrow doesn’t have to be overwhelming, as long as you know where you are going and what to do – you should be able to make your flight on time and start your trip off in the best possible way.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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