UK News Headlines: Utopia, Dystopia, Heterotopia

Not long ago I read, or else maybe just made up off entirely off the top of my head, some rather plausible UK headlines:

MP Sex Scandal: Cybersex Non-Mandela Selfie Embarrassment!!!
Daily Mail Moral Panic Rabble Rousers Censor Phobostratus Pig Anime!!
Extortionate Mobile Phone Deals Catch Lucrative New Labour Thinktank by Surprise… Funny, that!!!
Disneyland Paris Caught in Pincer Movement by Political Islamists and Rabid Humanitarian Liberation Supremacists!!!
Elvis Releases New Single, Radio 1 Says ‘We Refuse to Play this Mainstream Bollocks!!!’

In a short time, I managed to come up with the following rearrangements: Read more UK News Headlines: Utopia, Dystopia, Heterotopia