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They’re Coming for Your Car Keys. Welcome to the World of Self-Driving Cars

One of my favorite jokes goes like this: “I got really drunk last night, so I decided to take the bus home. Now that may not sound impressive to you, but I’ve never driven a bus before.” Stop the Presses! Drunk drivers may soon not need to drive the bus – or their car – anymore. Welcome to the world of self-driving cars. They’re just around the corner.

Several tech companies like Tesla, Google and Apple are driving ahead with plans to mass-produce “autonomous” cars. Read the full story


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Mourner of Paul Walker Attacked over “Irony”

VALENCIA, California – Those close to Paul Walker and people just trying to get on the news gathered at a memorial for the “Fast and Furious” actor who had died in a single-car crash with his friend in Valencia.

He was a passenger in the vehicle. With heads held low, everyone couldn’t help but say, “I can’t take how ironic this is!”

In the crowd of mourners was Daniel Trip (20), an English Major from Cal State Northridge, who at first sensed that the other memorial attendees were trolling, perhaps having an inappropriate laugh. Trip went around asking to see if anyone could explain in what way that the actor’s death was ironic. Read the full story


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Hover Cars Will Not Help Us

Scientists have warned that placing too many emphases on hover cars may confuse car owners.

In an open letter to the car industry, a group of prestigious scientists from a variety of disciplines warn that if the car industry continues to hail the invention of the hover car as a turning point they are only going to be ‘disappointed’.

“It is important that the industry recognize that the proliferation of hover cars will not decrease traffic levels or ease traffic congestion.” The letter sates: “In fact it will be that same or worse.” Read the full story


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DUI Laws Lead to Unfair Profiling of Drunks

San Francisco, CA (GlossyNews) — Piggybacking on the protests over Arizona’s new immigration law that demands proof of citizenship from people dressed in pointy cowboy boots, polyester shirts, tattered sombreros and riding old girl’s bikes, an army of drunken drivers are furious over current DUI laws they believe target their right to drive like kooks and kill anyone in their paths.

The loosely organized group, known as, “I Drink I Drive,“ or I.D.I.D., whose platform includes a whiff of libertarianism, has fired off several letters to the President and Governors of various states and are planning a semi-orchestrated protest that involves driving thousands of cars into state capital buildings Read the full story


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Recall Vehicles Fun to Drive, Say Toyota Ads

Toyota USA – Irvine, CA (GlossyNews) —  In response to ever-expanding recalls, carmaker Toyota will revamp its marketing and advertising programs to emphasize the “fun and excitement” of sudden acceleration, SUV rollovers and other unique attributes its vehicles have become known for.

“We’re missing the fun factor in all this,” Read the full story


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