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Kim Jong-un Diagnosed w/ Breast Cancer; Citizens Forced to Cry or be Shot

It was early spring of 2014 when the savior of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, was enjoying his three course meal in complete tranquility, an annual source of food considered by his people.

To everyone’s surprise, later that day, it was established that their royalty and highness had been diagnosed with severe breast cancer.

Military leaders proposed for him to consider launching a nuclear warning, something to frighten enemy countries, but not really do anything else because they were “so messed up economically and ideologically”. All military leaders that agreed with the statement were later executed for treason. Read the full story


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Disease-Free Pee-Pee and Wee-Wee Bracelets Banned

I [Heart] Boobies bracelets are catching a lot of flak from adults who say their teen children shouldn’t be wearing them even if it is to promote a good cause, i.e. fighting breast cancer. And now, there are two other bracelets that are creating a stir on high school campuses.

“I [Heart] My Ha-Pee Pee-Pee” bracelets for guys and “I [Heart] My Ha-Pee Wee-Wee” bracelets for girls are actually being banned in many schools across America. The golden latex wrist bracelets were introduced into schools last week by a non-profit group who claims they are doing everything they can to bring to light the upsurge of sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) among teens. Read the full story


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Holy Breast Cancer Batman: Huge Boobie in the Sky

Just when we all thought the National Breast Cancer Foundation had topped itself this month by talking the White House into “glowing pink” for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, many witnessed a rare treat in the western sky on October 31 to mark the end of the month-long campaign against one of the worst diseases to strike women all over the world.

“Look, mommy,” said Samantha Jones, a first grader at Long Island Elementary School to her mother, pointing at the sky around dusk. “It’s a giant pink boobie.” Indeed, what Samantha was seeing was a giant pink breast shining in the western sky reminding everyone just how huge a problem breast cancer is.

“We wanted to go out with a bang,” claims the foundation’s manager in charge of public relations, who admitted the foundation was getting some negative feedback from some folks who claim that there was just too much pink this year.

“We were told by quite a few people that while they were behind finding a cure for breast cancer, they had about enough of the pink for everything from t-shirts and mugs to pink glow-in-the-dark gummy breasts” (a specialty item made for several bachelorette parties for the rich).

Sure, lighting the White House in a rosy glow was a pretty huge feat,” said Johanna Whitcomb, “but the large pink breast glowing from space, well, we when we were approached by a company by the name of Hugh G. Productions and told they could pull this off, we had no doubts that it could and should be done.”

Whitcomb says that by and large, the reaction to shining a huge pink breast in the western sky was positive. She did admit that a few mothers called to tell us that it was a bit over the top, especially since there would be young impressionable male children who might witness the event, “but overall,” she said, “we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shine the largest breast we could to remind everyone that this is a huge, huge problem.”

Asked if Whitcomb could say what is in store for next year’s event, she replied she could not.

“I mean, c’mon. Short of having the space shuttle pull a pink banner behind it on its next trip around the earth, I think we pretty well nailed it with the pink breast.”

We couldn’t agree more.


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