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Perplexing Times - The worlds only daily satire newspaper owned and operated entirely by an infant.

Pimp Central. Not the most politically correct site in the world, but funny as a mofo.

Satan Says Why listen to preachers expound on "news" from and about hell when you can get it straight from the devil?

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HumorLinks has every kind of humor listed by style or region. Easy to navigate and everything is listed in order or popularity.

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Webmaster Resource Directory. From tutorials on how to make effective Email icons, to which programs pay for referrals. It's all in here.

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Internet Satirical Newspaper Ass.

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Are you a webmaster who needs some free code or needs a little advice? I may be able to help. I just don't believe in competition on here. Some like to compete or feel threatened by others being successful. People will not leave my site because your site has a "click here" box you took away, they're going to leave eventually anyhow. Crazy! So let me know if you need something.

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