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  3. We limit how many and what types of ads we will show,
  4. Ads are categorized so you and your competitor will never be shown on the same page.

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Glossy News has become a front runner among satire news sites. Our staff of writers exceeds 30 with three full-time editors and two part-time graphics editors.

Perplexing Times has fast become a sensation among daily news sites, with strong traffic and a very high percentage of repeat visitors.

Our network of sites are regularly linked by such places as Google News, Madville, Catch, ZFilter, and yes, even Fark and Total Fark. We have also been featured as members of both Satire Search and Humor Feed, both of whom provide satire headline syndication worldwide.

Combined traffic for all sites is currently around 280,000 visitors per month viewing about 600,000 pages.

Classified Ads --
Three to Four classifieds run on most every page of the sites. Based on thousands of page hits every day. Any given advertiser can expect around 1,000 impressions a day.
There are four unique types of classifieds running on Glossy News.
  • More Satire - For which you must genuinely be a satire news site. $5/month. Please me your short classified, and remit payment through .
  • Special Interest - Also known as "dunno yet". This is for announcements, personal sites, baby and vacation pictures. For pretty much anything I can tell you ain't gonna make a dime off of. Cost = $3/month, pay conventiently with .
  • Misc Humor - And just about anybody with a humor site falls into. Cost = $5/month, pay conventiently with .
  • Killer Deals - That means you're selling something. Cost = $10/month, pay conventiently with .
  • Paid Banner --
    Yeah, I guess I'll run these too.
    You can also purchase a banner ad on the following terms.
  • Personal/Anouncement - Cost = $2/month, pay conventiently with .
  • Drugs, Viagra, Phentermine, Ink jets and other assorted spammy types - Cost = $10/month.=, pay conventiently with .
  • Adult/Explicit Content - Cost = $25/month, pay conventiently with . (Not available for
  • ISNA --
    Featured site of the month...
    A new feature has been enveiled at the Internet Satirical Newspaper Association. It's called the featured site of the month. Sites may nominate themselves or they may be nominated by someone else.

    The site of honor will recieve up to three ad banners of yours (468x60) will be prominently displayed on the index page, as well as sent out to the subscriber base, as well as kept on permanent record in our archive of back-issue newsletter.

    Sites will be featured on a first come, first served basis. There is a $20 fee for promotional consideration, once recieved you'll be put in line for site feature... by that I mean that with all the traffic you will get from this, I hope not to hear much complaining. Pay quick and easy with .

    Ads on our affiliate sites --
    Classifieds and banners are also available on the following sites.
    In addition to Glossy News's standard ad rates, you can opt for advertising;
  • Perplexing Times, standard rates**
  • Pimp Central, standard rates less 50%
  • **No adult content on Perplexing Times.

    Smokin' Hot Specials! --
    Package deals can save you some serious cash.
    Through October 20th Only!
    $60.00 gets you;++
    Three months classified advertising on,
    Three months banner advertising on,
    Three months banner advertising on, and
    Three months classified & banner advertiting on

    That's a $157.00 value that has been extended for a limited time. Smart money says to buy it now.

    NOTE: Advertisers who paid February '04 through April '04 have been given an automated free upgrade of an additional 30-days to agreed purchases.

    ++ On any acceptable items. Credit counts regardless of category of classified ad it is.

    If you need any clarification, don't hesitate to directly.

    Brian K. White

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