The Growth of Casino Live Streams on Twitch

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you will surely be familiar with video streaming service Twitch. This live streaming platform now attracts 15 million daily active users and more than 2 million unique content creators every month. Twitch was founded back in 2011, and initially its focus was entirely on streaming video game-play.

While video gaming still makes up the vast majority of content available on this platform, Twitch has diversified and now also features art, music, talk shows, cooking and even TV shows. Twitch can be viewed either from the official website or via one of the apps for Android and Apple devices. Viewers can browse the different channels to find something to suit their tastes, and can also follow favourite streamers. The average viewer spends over an hour and a half on the site each day, so for many people Twitch has replaced the television as a means to watch video content.

To an older generation, the idea of choosing to watch a stranger playing video games may seem difficult to understand, and even bizarre. However, that is to misunderstand what Twitch is all about. Twitch viewers and streamers form part of a community, and one where interaction is encouraged. People have favourite streamers, and will follow them religiously. For this reason, a large number of streamers have been able to give up the day job to focus on their Twitch output, although this is very much an all-consuming job as people will expect new content on an extremely regular basis. Streamers can make money from a combination of micro-donations (called ‘bits’) as well as recurring paid subscriptions, sponsorship and advertisements. The very top streamers number followers in their millions, with streamer ‘riotgames’ currently on top of the list having accumulated almost a billion views of their channel. This channel focuses primarily on professional e-sports, which is a one of the most viewed events on the platform.

In recent years, as it has been made apparent by the stream of articles by sites like that there has been a growth in the number of channels dedicated to online casino play. These videos feature streamers either superimposed upon the casino game backdrop, or else visible in a second, smaller screen. Streamers play a variety of casino games, including online slots, table games and live dealer casino titles. The videos certainly add a social element to casino play, and are streamed from popular online casinos such as Casumo, Leo Vegas and Spin Palace. Viewers watch to take advantage of tips, as well as to celebrate the big wins (and occasionally the big losses as well). While watching live streams of casino action, viewers can participate by joining in to chat with each other as well as the streamer. They can also choose to make donations in order to keep the player stocked up with enough funds to gamble. Twitch provides a unique insight into casino gaming, allowing viewers to experience different games without having to risk their own hard-earned cash. Accomplished streamers will be prepared to bet large sums of money, and watching them is a great way for novice gamblers to take advantage of their expertise. While this may not have a major impact on slot gaming, certainly pro tips about blackjack, casino poker, roulette and other casino table games can be very educational.

With the top online casino streamers attracting thousands and even millions of views, casinos are keen to take advantage of the marketing potential. For this reason, the channels of the most popular casino streamers are liberally plastered with offers of special bonuses and promotions from gaming sites. Accomplished streamers will play multiple slot games at the same time, increasing the possibility of hitting those elusive bonuses, because that is what the viewers want to see. Speaking of which, you will find a number of streamers engaged in so-called bonus hunting. This is a tactic whereby when the player reaches a bonus round, he stops playing the game and thereby ‘pauses’ the bonus to be collected at a later time. This is a practice casinos frown upon, as some players use this tactic to cash out a casino bonus without having completed their wagering. The player will let their balance go to zero, which cancels the bonus and automatically removes the wagering requirement. Now when they go back to the games with ‘saved’ bonus rounds, all the money won from them can instantly be withdrawn.

We do not recommend participating in bonus hunting, as this can lead to your being barred from online casinos. However, if you are new to the world of online gambling, Twitch is certainly a great place to watch some experienced players at work. You will be able to get a feel for a variety of games, and hopefully pick up some pro tips along the way.

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