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We here at the Funny Hitman recognize how important diversity is in our workplace, and we strive to reach with each passing minute. The web industry has the highest turnover of all professions, and our turnover is the highest in this industry. This is because we have created machines that hire and fire at unbelieveable speeds. "Do we hate our employees?" you may ask. Of course we do, but that has nothing to do with why we show so little regard. We do it to get that much needed workplace diverstiy.
We are constantly hiring men and women from all walks of life, including Ireland. We routinely have many positions available for F-T, P-T AND 1099. We offer a competitive package in liue of cash that includes 1) experience, 2) internet-access and 3) intermittent caffeine.
Please see the following directory for all of our full-time employees. Sure we lay some off on a whim, we take temps on to full-time, we hire newbies right off the street.
So here it is, our company directory, straight from us to you, updated live by the second as staff comes and goes. If you don't believe me, hit refresh to see.

-- is our . If it wasn't for all of his and , this site would still be blank.

-- takes up the slack for us - as well as the -. Other than that, he fills in around the office. Sometimes he even . He came to be with the company . But it's like they always say, . But all joking aside,

-- No one is sure what she does here She enjoys , and . Take a good look at her, and

() * -- works as the company's . He also makes sure the play nice with the so we can avoid .

** (We have crazy turnover, hit refresh to see our updated employee directory.)

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* -- It's not like I'm a big racist or something. I knocked everybody I could fit in the algorithm pretty equally, and I held no punches back on my Irish folk. There is a message in this and it's a message of counteracting stereotypes. Hell, it's a Mick green page, with a black disclaimer, all the writing is white, and the border is white with silver. Kind of offensive now that I think about it. And for the record, my conscience made me put this in, no one complained or threatened, and for that I'm grateful.

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