Live Random Recipe Generator

The hitman knows you've got an important meal coming up, and he's ready to help you make it a success. Whether it's dinner for your boss something impress your new love interest, what's listed below is sure to please even the most jaded palate.

Just follow the simple directions below and before you know it you'll have a meal you can be proud of. And if you don't like what you see, just hit refresh and you'll get a different one.

Take of and let it in a of with Add for .

Next, thoroughly cook in any way that you like, so long as it comes out tender and maliable.

Then ounces of and add them to the already-cooking mix in the pot. As it cooks you'll want to and you'll want to the

for minutes before serving dishing it up dolling it out removing it from the pan trying to serve it throwing it all over your guests' plates .

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