Updated 11-15-05
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Welcome to the Funny Hitman's directory of most popular random scripts. It isn't the most accurate account of popularity but it works for the purpose of breaking them up a bit. Cool is cool, right?

Hundreds of Millions of Restaurants & Menus How do we do it? At Random! From the name, to the city to the menu, it's all in here baby. This is the one that started them all. (106,564,792,320,000 combos)

Hey baby, what's your sign? I don't think so! In today's world you need a sharper edge if you're going to score with the hot babes. Let the Hitman give you 325 Million suggestions on what to say to get a date and/or slapped. (1,352,736,000 combos)

Livin' la Vida Dilbert This was recommended to me by a friend who's stuck in a cubicle, inspired by the likes of Office Space, Dilbert, and yes, my own life. Some call it Buzzword Bingo, some just call it work. (1,473,500,160,000 combos)

Mexican Restaurants Open Every 2 Seconds in Cali Very much like the Chinese generator, only more refined. This became very popular on a forum even though some clown (who wouldn't actually click the link) did the math and determined the Hitman is a liar... well duh! (146,303,055,360,000 combos)

Mama Mia! The name of the restaurant, the special, the dessert, and a touch of attitude. Now click it or I'll bust ya face! (171,971,464,500 combos)

Random, um, something... any suggestions?

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