Updated 11-12-05
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Welcome to the Directory of NEWEST items! The Hitman is constantly trying to think up and engineer new randomizers for your random enjoyment. Herein you'll find the four most recent scripts. Want more? Tell me what you wanna see and I'll try to make it. Deal?

Random Yo Mama Snaps. If you're ready to dish up a few hundred thousand YO MAMA jokes, we ready to help you put them together... but can you handle it? CAN YOU!

Random Porno Movies. Every movie ever made, title, stars, synopsis, even a promo photo. Kind of like the Sci-Fi Movie generator, but with a lot more spice.

Knock-knock jokes randomized. Personally? Can't stand 'em. That's why I made three pages. I just kept trying it hoping it would get funny. Some people really love it though.

An excuse for every season and reason. You screwed up, you know it. Let's smooth things over with a handy dandy excuse. It might not carry much weight, but it's better than telling the truth. (33,659,640 combos)

Possible side effects may suck a donkey. Ever heard those commercials for prescriptions where they don't tell you what they are for, though they do tell you all the horrible things they can do to your body and brain. (11,023,313,975,438,800,000,000,000,000,000,000 combos)

Dubya is as Dubya Does. We all know G.W. Bush has a ton of stories about him run each day. We took the hassle out of it by creating and recombining them at random in this easy to follow tale. (49,616,081,230,866,500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 combos)

Who's Your Daddy? It's rumored there are millions of pimps on the planet, AND that the Hitman knows them all. While we can't confirm or deny this claim, we can give you the names, pictures and profiles of all of them, first hand.

"Price Check on Butt Lotion, aisle nine!" After Thanksgiving the Hitman sent out a swarm of interns to American grocery stores to find discarded shopping lists. He now posts tens of millions of them for you to enjoy. (3,128,748,094,080,000 combos)

Amazon Madness on Mars! The last 50 years has spawned a glut of Sci-Fi films. The Hitman cataloged all 2.8 trillion films, reviews and posters for your convenience. And he enjoyed it! (425,351,259,489,042,000,000,000 combos)

Random, um, something... any suggestions?

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